The Best Antimicrobial Treated Insoles

We have all experienced sweaty or smelly feet at some or other instance in our lives.

Most running shoes and work shoes that you tend to spend many hours in or do strenuous activities in may have a tendency to become sweaty and develop an odor.

Because our skin is covered with bacteria, sweat can be broken down into fatty acids which can cause a bad odor in your shoes.

Luckily there are many preventative measures for this, one of them being an antibacterial insole.

Anti bacterail Insoles

What is Bacteria and Why do You Have Foot Odor

Bacteria are basically microscopic organisms that inhabit soil, water, plants, animals, and humans, they are crucial to maintaining life as well as the ecosystem, and to break down plant materials.

In the case of foot odor, there are more sweat glands in your feet than any other part of your body.
When bacteria in your skin starts to break down the sweat, this is when that awful “cheesy” smell starts to develop.

So basically the sweat becomes decomposed causing bad smell and in some cases fungus to form.

Hormonal changes in your teenage years, as well as in pregnancy can cause an increase in sweat.

Whereas physical activity and hot conditions may likewise generally be the main cause of sweating.

Wearing shoes that are not breathable or do not wick away the moisture causes your feet to stay wet and sweaty, which in turn ends up in bad odor and bacterial infection.

Then there is, of course, poor hygiene, not cleaning and drying your feet off properly is a definite cause of fungus and odor development.

How will an Antimicrobial Insole Help

Anti bacterail Insoles

Shoes have the main intention of protecting your feet, but due to poor circulation, wear and tear and prolonged use, the insoles may become outdated and odor may develop with an improper footbed or insole.

Eventually, your shoes will start to harbor bad bacteria and fungus which causes odor and infection in your feet. Besides improving air circulation, many companies have designedspecialized insoles, that can prevent sweat and bacteria from causing odors to develop.
The sweat and odor reducing capability usually exists from additional materials used in the shoe insole that wicks away moisture and prevents bacteria from causing decomposition and fungus developing. Some materials physically control micro-organisms on contact.

Aegis Technology

One of these technologies called AEGIS technology, works by reducing the level of microorganisms on your insole and shoes, by acting as a shield, giving the treated surface active antibacterial action. Along with high levels of breathability and moisture management the development of odor and infection is stopped right in its tracks.


Silpure is a treatment that employs the advanced use of silver for its antimicrobial properties. By reducing a metallic silver into very fine and small particles that can easily adhere to fabrics, it is placed on the top layer of an insole for protection of odor-producing bacteria.
Other brands and forms of silver ions are likewise used in the same manner for odor and bacterial protection.

Features of an Antimicrobial Insole

Here are a few specific characteristics to look for in an insole that will prevent odors and bacteria from developing;

  • Aegis Treatment of the Top Sole.
  • Silpure silver treated top-sole.
  • Cotton or other breathable and moisture wicking materials.
  • Treated with essential oils such as tea tree oil or Cedarwood for odor control and to kill germs.
  • Perforation holes or breathable materials that allow for better air circulation to keep your feet dry.

Reviews: Best Anti-Microbial Insoles

These are some exceptional choices in insoles all of which will ensure effective and long-lasting protection against odor, fungus and bacteria development.


The JobSite Aegis treated insoles are ideal to use in your work shoes or athletic shoes to prevent bacteria and odors from developing.

  • Treated with the popular AEGIS Microbe Shield, for superior antimicrobial properties.
  • The permanent bond treatment likewise ensures exceptional odor control.
  • This insole promotes better foot health and shoe care by eliminating fungus and bacteria which can cause health issues and shoe deterioration.
  • Lightweight and breathable insoles that are highly durable.


The Powerstep Pinnacle Breeze insoles offer you maximum cushioning and breathability, with an antimicrobial and moisture-wicking top layer which likewise controls temperature and reduces friction. This insole provides the epitome of environments for your feet to stay fresh and healthy.

  • A durable EVA foam base with a plush Variable Cushioning technology top with dual layers ensuring targeted cushioned support.
  • Semi-Rigid arch support and a firm but flexible fit, with a deep heel cradle for superb stability.
  • An antimicrobial top layer that is also heat and friction resistant.
  • Prevents foot pain an discomfort by providing effective shock absorbency and cushioning.
  • Ideal for all arch types, neutral, low and even high.


These plush and comfortable memory foam dual layer insoles from MEGAComfort, will not only ensure you the best support and comfort, but likewise excellent anti-odor and antibacterial protection for all day fresh feet.

Keep your feet fresh and happy with the Silver Ion technology insoles from Tread Labs that will kill up to 99.8% of odor-causing bacteria in your shoes.

  • An ergonomic podiatrist design with a patented combination including high-density dual layers of memory foam and MEGAGel Visco technology to reduce vibration and impact.
  • The Deep heel cup and soft contoured arch support, ensures excellent stability and support.
  • Excellent rebound features and energy returning properties.
  • A heavy duty top layer that fights odor and bacteria, withanti-fungal and anti-perspiration properties.
  • Breathable and lightweight ensuring good ventilation, with a shock absorbing top layer.


The Sof Sole Athlete Range is available for both men and women, I have just selected the Men’s model for review in this article though. This insole features Hydrologix technology which controls moisture, manages temperature and has an antimicrobial function.

  • Features the plush and comfortable, Implus Foam technology.
  • An orthotic athletic performance insole designed for the best comfort and support when running or cross training.
  • A contoured and neutral arch suitable for most foot shapes and types.
  • Lightweight cushioning with shock absorbing gel pads in the heel and forefoot area.
  • Hydrologix moisture managing and temperature control, antimicrobial technology.


Silpure is a silver ion treatment used in insoles for the maximum protection against bacteria in odor. The Spenco insole is a lightweight and cushioned comfort insole, that offers excellent heel support and shock absorbency.

  • Features Fourway stretch fabric with SILPURE antimicrobial technology, that controls odor and blisters from developing.
  • EVA forefoot cushioning for high impact sports and excellent energy returns.
  • The Spencore materials absorb shock and provide intense cushioned comfort.
  • Lightweight polysorb polyurethane foam for excellent arch and heel support with an additional heel plug for stability.


From Gofix we have the sweat absorbing and anti-microbial supportive insoles.

  • Leather insoles with moisture wicking technology.
  • Offers gel and memory foam cushioning.
  • The Latex Gel coating offers antimocrobial protection.
  • Thin profile that is easy to wear inside any shoe type, even flats.


Dr. Scholls is a name well recognized when it comes to insoles, and I simply adore the Carbon range for antimicrobial support.

  • Made with Activated Charcoal components that absorb moisture and odors to keep your feet fresh.
  • Carbon insoles that have a comfortable foam layer for cushioning.
  • Durable and long lasting design.
  • Abntimicrobial and deodorizing properties.
  • Sweatman technology wicks away moisture and sweat fast and effectively.


The Envelop Heel Pain insoles likewise have an additional antimicrobial treated layer to protect your feet from germs and bacteria, as well as eliminating odors.

  • A comfortable and supportive shock absorbing and cushioned insole.
  • Heel pads and shaped arches.
  • The top layer is Moistuire wicking and antimicrobial, to keep your feet dry and fresh.
  • Breathable and durable design for all day wear.

Index Table: Top Antimicrobial Treated Insoles

1JobSite Unisex Odor Stop - Antimicrobial Insoles
  • AEGIS Treated
  • Durable
2Powerstep Unisex Pinnacle Breeze - Cushioned Antimicrobial Insoles
  • Arch Support
  • Heat and Friction Resistant
  • Cushioned
3MEGAComfort Unisex MEGASole - Antimicrobial Comfort Insoles
  • Memory Foam
  • Ergonomic Design
4Sof Sole Men's Athlete - Hydrologix Antimicrobial Insole
  • Cooling,Moisture Wicking
  • Cushioned
Sof Sole98
5Spenco Unisex Polysorb - Silpure Antimicrobial Insoles
  • Lightweight
  • EVA Cushioning
  • Silpure Technology
6Gofix Unisex Leather Insoles - Leather Fushion Insoles for Sweaty Feet
  • Adaptive Arch Technology
  • Anti-Bacterial
7Dr Scholl’s Unisex Activated Charcoal Insoles - Antimicrobial Carbon Insoles for Sweaty Feet
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Durable
Dr Scholl’s94
8Envelop Unisex Raised Heel Insoles - 3/4 Shoe Antimicrobial Inserts
  • Antimicrobial
  • Shock Absorbent

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