Altra® Replacement Insoles

Altra is an American Shoe brand with some of the best athletic shoe designs.

Replacement Insoles for Altra can be quite tricky to find, that is why I have composed this easy list for you to choose from.

Altra Insoles

Altra Shoes and Their Replacement Insoles

Altra is an American company that designs, markets and sells running and athletic shoes, they specialize in Road Running and Trail Running Shoes as well as other styles of athletic footwear.

Altra has been ranked as one of the top 10 brands in Running and Trail Running shoes. From 2016 onward Altra also started designing Hiking gear and apparel as well as other athletic apparel styles and technologies.

Altra’s running shoes and athletic shoes are designed to give you a much more natural experience by having your footfalls in the mid to forefoot, rather than the more typical heel strike. This specific design is called the ZERODROP design and is what sets Altra apart from the rest.

When it comes to replacement insoles for your Altra athletic Shoes, there are a few recommended brands, and most athletic insoles will likewise do the trick.

What to Look for in a Good and Supportive Insole

When your insoles in your Altra shoes have become worn out and no longer function properly, there is no need to get rid of your favorite running shoe, you can just purchase a new replacement insole with suitable characteristics;

  • Sizing – Mos insoles come in size options that are similar to shoe sizes, so in this case, you would select an insole that is the same size as your Altra shoes. Some insoles have a trim to fit option where you can cut the insole into the perfect fit.

  • Placement – A replacement insole must be full length and must say that itis a Replacement insole on the packaging or label. Remove your old insoles completely and place your new insoles inside your Altra shoes making sure that they fit properly.

  • Arches – Your arches fall into three categories, a neutral or medium arch, a low arch or fallen arch and a high arch. Most insoles will specify which arch type they provide support for and this is an important factor to consider when purchasing a replacement insole.

  • Footbed Type – The type of footbed of your replacement insole will largely depend on the support and comfort requirements you need, as well as your arch type and for conditions. Most orthotic inserts offer either rigid,semi-rigid or cushioned support. Then there are likewise general insoles that are more flat, offering only slight cushioning.

  • Materails – Most Insole brands can be divided into these material types; leather works well for a more comfortable feel and less cushioning and support, while cork offers some cushioning and little support. In the end, I would recommend Gel or Foam for an athletic shoe as Gel provides excellent cushioning and shock absorbency, while foam provides well the best cushioning and support.

  • Moisture Wicking and Dry features – the top layer of your insole should provide a stay-dry design that easily and effectively wicks away moisture, with a well ventilated and breathable design. Some Insole comes treated with Silpure or similar technologies that aid in preventing the build up of sweat, and, or the accumulation of bacteria and odors.

  • Support – Other characteristics for support can include a heel cup, that provides better stability and protection, as well as a contoured shape to prevent excessive pronation in turn and also providing better stability. Gel padding in the rearfoot and forefoot area provides you with cushioning and impact resistance in the areas where you will need it the most in the long run.

Features of a Good Altra Replacement Insole

  • Cushioning in the form of Gel, Cork, Leather or Foam.
  • Good arch support for your specific arch type.
  • A firm heel counter or cup for stability.
  • Trim to fit optionor size-specific.
  • Anti-Skid or silicone bottom that will not slip in your shoes.
  • Low profile and thin design.
  • Replacement design to replace original insoles.
  • Wider width options.

Reviews: The Best Altra Replacement Insoles


The Currexsole Runpro insole for your Altra shoes offers superb high arch support and cushioned comfort.

  • Improves performance, reduces fatigue and protects your feet and ankles against injuries.
  • Optimal force transfer and a biomechanical positioning design for better foot motion.
  • Reduces strain on your joints and ligaments and prevents overuse injuries.
  • Easily replaces sock liners or insoles in most walking and running shoe brands.


A versatile and highly effective insole is the New Balance 3030 Pressure relief insole.

  • A moisture-wicking synthetic top.
  • Designed to reduce pressure and provide optimal support and comfort ith the Platazole to layer.
  • ABZORB cushioning and shock absorbency.
  • Superb anatomical arch support for all arc types.
  • Designed for better metatarsal support and heel support with a heel cradle.
  • Will fit most athletic shoe brands easily.


From Currex Sole we have another model, the RunPro Insoles which in turn now offer Low arch support in Altra shoe brands.
About the product

  • These insoles are great for running and walking.
  • Offers superb Low arch and flat foot support as well a pain relief in cases where you have Plantar Fasciitis or heel pain.
  • Keeps your feet in the optimal biomechanical position and helps to prevent overpronation.
  • Reduces stress on the ligaments and tendons while preventing overuse injuries.
  • Easily replaces your Altra insoles with different size options available.


LEAGY Memory foam insole is light, comfortable and easy wearing for everyday casual wear or Altra walking shoes.

  • stays put with the anti-skid silicone bottom.
  • Soft and comfortable memory foam construction that supports and cradles your feet.
  • Elastic and easy to wear with anmoisture-wicking top lining.
  • The active carbon fiber design removes odors and bacteria.


Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Relief insoles are perfect for a low arch or flat foot and will fit in your Altra athletic shoes.

  • Plantar Fasciitis pain relief and excellent low arch support.
  • a deep stabilizing heel cup.
  • Excellent motion control and stability design to prevent excessive pronation.
  • Made with fine quality EVA foam material for cushioned comfort and shock absorbency.
  • Cooling and moisture-wicking fabric top lining.


The 1100 New Balance Insoles are all-purpose insoles for any and every type of shoe and sho brand, offering neutral support and comfort features.

  • Synthetic material construction with a moisture-wicking top lining.
  • Wider width options are available.Comfortably cushioned with neutral arch support.
  • Easy trim to fit size option for the perfect fit in your Altra shoes.
  • The silicone gel bottom grips ensure that these insoles stay perfectly in place.

Index Table: Top Rated Altra Replacement Insoles

1Currex Sole Unisex Runpro - Replacement Soles for Altra Running Shoes
  • High Arch Support
  • Shock Absorbing
Currex Sole97
2New Balance Unisex 3030 - Pressure Relief Replacement Insoles for Altra Shoes
  • Abzorb Cushioning
  • All Shoe Types
New Balance98
3Currex Sole Unisex Low Arch - Running and Walking Shoe Insoles
  • Anti-Fatigue
  • Biomechanical
  • Shock Absorbing
Currex Sole98
4LEAGY Unisex Anti-Skid - Altra Replacement Insoles
  • flexible
  • Memory Foam
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-Skid Bottom
5Walk Hero Unisex Arch Support - Plantar Fasciitis replacement Insoles for Altra Shoes
  • Deep Heel Cup
  • Cushioned
Walk Hero97
6New Balance Unisex 1100 - All Purpose Altra Replacement Insole
  • Gel Bottom
  • Wider Widths
New Balance97

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